iTunes Download

IiTune is The Official Tool Of Apple Company, it has several Feature ADD-ONS, It was initially released in January 2001, in this post, we will tell you about some of the features of iTunes And the Latest iTunes File Link Where you Can Download And Use This Tool

Media Management

you can do All The Media Management With The Help Of iTunes like Creating categories and Playlists,

Play Media

you can Watch TV Shows, Movies, Video And Audio Songs

Update And Restore iPhone With iTunes

you can update and restore your Apple products with the Help of iTunes, for this first you have To Download Itune For your operating system

Note That iTunes has a Separate Setup For Each Operating System then there are two setups for each operating system 32/64 bits

if you are a Windows operating system user, you have to right-click on My Computer and then go to Properties here you have to

check your operating system if your operating system is 64 bit then you have to download 64-bit iTunes and if 32 Bit then download

32-bit after downloading install it on your computer, be sure to restart the PC once after installation so that the drivers start working Properly

After restarting the computer, you have to turn off your Apple Device Connect Cable With the Operating System and put it in recovery Mode or iTunes Mode

remember that your operating System Must Be Connected To The internet, as soon as you connect your Device To The Computer, iTunes Will Detect it

and it will ask you permission to Download IPSW As Soon As you Allow To Download, after Downloaded File you Can Update, Restore Fix

Disable Your Apple Products,

Flash IPSW File Manually

You can also Manually Flash And Restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iWatch, With The Help Of iTunes, First, you have to download The IPSW File According to your iDevice Model,

Then you have To Connect your Device To your Computer in Recovery Mode Or iTunes Mode, as soon as iTunes Detects The Device And Starts Downloading The File,

Now Cancel Downloading, Press the Shift Button On Key Bord, And Click On the Restore And Update Button Now Select IPSW File, and iTune Start Verification After

Verified iTune Start Restore And Update your Device

iTunes Store Is Free?

Some Files on the iTunes Store Are Pais And Some Are Free, Which are Paid Music Files you can buy with a Credit Card, While

Free Music File Can Be Used Without Purchase,

Data Transfer

Apple phone users Will Know That Apple Devices Do not Have Transfer data like Android Phones When you connect your Android phone to Your PC,

You Only Need To install USB Drivers to transfer data, but you need to use iTunes to transfer iPhone Data, without iTunes you can’t Transfer Data between PC And iPhone

latest iTunes download

We Will try to ensure you have the latest iTunes Version so that you can Update and restore your Apple Devices after Downloading And Installing it.

iTunes For Windows Operating System

12-13-1-3 64Bit Version iTunes Download

Install iTunes in Windows

First Of All Chcek you Window Bit, Right Click On My Computer And Select properties here you can Check your Windows Bit,

The Window Operating System Consists of Two Bits 32 And 64 Bits, Download iTunes According to your PC Bit Now Duble Click

On Setup Run It Follow The Screen Guide Line And Complete It

iTunes Download For MAC


  • MAC OS 10.11.4 or later
Download iTunes12.8.3 For MAC

Create Backup

Whenever you restore Any Apple Device All user data in the device is deleted iTunes Allows you to Save iPhone Data And Restore it later,

Before Restoring you should Create a Backup of your Phone, After Restoring The Phone you can install your backup again

Library Sharing

iTunes Also Allows users To Share Their Media Library over A local Network, allowing access to Data Stored on different computers in the same location

create apple id

With The Help Of iTunes, You Can Create your Apple ID, First of All, Open iTunes then you have go to Account On The Top OF the Left Side,

After Clicking Account you have To Select the Sign In Option, as soon as you click on Sign In, a new Tab will Open if you Already Have An

I then have To log in here if you want to create a new ID, Click On Create New Apple ID Below And enter your Information, and create The ID

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